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Need Help Getting the Most Out of Your Inbound Marketing?

Are you struggling to determine how to use inbound marketing in your business or have started implementing but are not sure how to get a return on your investment of time and money spent?  If you answered yes to either part of the question, then you are in the right place. The services we provide on this micro site are only focused on Inbound Marketing and helping you improve your return on your investment.

Inbound marketing is key for every business today, even if outbound which is traditional marketing can play a role. Your prospects and customers are searching online in order to make informed decisions about products and services before they ever make a phone call, fill in a contact form, or send you an email. Buyers are more well informed than they were 10 years ago, so it is important that your business is not left out when they do their search.  The intent of inbound marketing is to bring more visitors to your website and to your business, versus outbound marketing where you had to go find prospects and the return was fairly low percentage.  There was nothing worse in the past of sending out thousands of direct mail flyers to find out you got less than a 1% return.

At RK Fischer & Associates our focus as it relates to digital marketing is to help you develop your digital marketing strategy that is right for your business or help you determine what changes you need to make in your current strategy in order to meet your sales goals. We provide coaching and training to help you with implementation as well, but if you need someone to develop your website, post your social media, or develop your ads, we will recommend a list of our partners based on your location to work with you if you need to outsource this function.

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Digital Marketing Assessment

Why Am I  Not Seeing a Return On My Investment?

Digital Marketing Assessment
Digital Marketing Assessment

Digital Marketing Assessment 

Do you find yourself spending time and money on your website, social media, online advertising, newsletter and are not sure why you are not getting the return on investment that you expected for the cost and efforts?  If you would like to understand where you are going wrong or where the efforts need to be spent for your business, a digital marketing assessment will help you.

Goal of a Digital Marketing Assessment

The goal of a digital marketing assessment is to evaluate all of the areas of your online presence to determine why your digital marketing efforts are not performing in the manner expected.  

This will require us to have access to all of your digital marketing platforms and metrics, including Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. We will need to interview anyone that is responsible for developing  digital marketing content as well anyone responsible for implementation of any of the digital marketing mediums used within your business, whether that is inside or outside.

What A Digital Marketing Assessment Involves

The digital marketing assessment will consist of the analysis performed on your digital marketing mediums as well as recommendations for improvements. This will be provided in a detailed report to the client which will be and reviewed during a session with the client to make sure there is an understanding of what changes can be made to improve your performance and return on your investment.  

We will need to understand your budget related to Digital Marketing going forward so that the recommendations we make can be accomplished for your business. If you only have $200.00 a month to spend on Online Advertising and you are in a competitive market online, using this medium would not be a good using of your marketing spend, as you will not see the type of return you need.

We will evaluate and perform analysis in the following and make recommendations overall and in the following areas:

  • Target Market / Personas
  • Social Media
  • Website 
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content
  • Email Marketing 
  • Online Advertising / SEM Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Analytics / Tools

If you only have a website and are not utilizing at least two of these areas, a digital marketing assessment is not the right engagement for you. You should possibly consider digital marketing coaching or digital marketing adhoc help instead.

What a Digital Marketing Assessment Does Not Include

A digital marketing assessment does not include making the actual changes to your digital marketing for you. If you would like to learn how to develop your own digital marketing, this can be done through digital marketing coaching.  If want someone to take on your ongoing digital marketing, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Plan
Coaching & Training
Ad Hoc Help

To Find Out More About Our Other Services

To find out more about the services listed above, please fill in the contact us form and we will set up a phone-call with you to discuss your individual business requirements.  We are not able to provide an accurate quotation until we understand your individual business with the exception of business coaching, which is based on our hourly rates.  All of our services are offered on a fixed price not to exceed basis. Once we have provided a quotation, it will be honoured, even if the engagement takes longer than quoted. 

This allows our clients to know exactly what they will pay for working with us. There are no hidden or extra fees. We provide telephone and email support throughout each engagement.  The exception to this rule is only if the client changes the scope of the defined services in the contract they have signed. If changes need to be made, an addendum will be created and will be resigned before additional work begins to ensure you are in agreement.

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